Corporate & Explainer Videos

No matter the message you’re trying to convey, there is a video specifically designed to meet your requirements. Video is a versatile way of delivering information and as such is perfectly suited to the corporate world. Corporate videos can used in a variety of ways and fit perfectly into every part of your business from training staff to customer after-care.

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonial Videos are an important part of marketing and can be key to building buyer confidence and trust. They showcase the positive feelings of your existing customers and give reasons for new customers to buy from you. People need reassurance that they’re getting the best possible service and who better to do that than your happy customers?

Case Study Videos

You know how your business functions behind-the-scenes but your customers might not. Showing them can be a great way of building customer confidence and building a relationship with them. With a case study video you give people an insight into a particular project, client or service meaning that your customers can make a much more informed buying decision.

FAQ Videos

Answering customer questions can be incredibly time consuming and it can take you away from other parts of your business that need attention. With FAQ videos you can answer these questions once and for all, freeing you up to do other things and saving you money. At the same time these videos increase customer confidence and build a relationship between your business and your customers.

Training Videos

Training staff is a long and laborious process, but an important one. With a Training Video you not only save time but you can also deliver consistent messaging time and time again, over multiple locations. These money saving videos will make sure that your staff are well trained at all times and maintain the high standards of your business.


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