Instamic: The GoPro of Sound.


GoPro took the market by storm by creating a tiny, durable action camera that delivered high quality video. They’ve since gone on to create even better cameras and are now accepted as a major part of filmmaking and now Instamic are looking to do the same with sound.


Instamic comes in two different flavours, the Instamic Go and Instamic Pro, one of which completely is waterproof and one which is splashproof. Supposedly these microphones give pro quality audio and can be mounted and used practically anywhere because of their miniscule size and wireless capabilities. Not only are these things tiny, they also have internal batteries and internal storage so you don’t have to worry about buying batteries and sd cards for them.


I don’t think I have to tell you how we as filmmakers and videographers could use a piece of kit like this to our advantage and if the mic lives up to the claims made on their Indiegogo page then this is definitely a tool I would use. As I’m writing this they’ve completely annihilated they’re original campaign goal, so other video producers are clearly having the same idea. Of course that doesn’t mean these mics will be great but it definitely is an encouraging sign.


You can find out more about this microphone and donate to their campaign here: