An award winning video production company from Southampton
who specialise in creative video content for businesses. 


We’re Broken Physics Productions, a full service video production and video marketing company based in Southampton, Hampshire. We’re a small but dedicated team working with customers of all shapes and sizes to provide a wide range of video services across the UK. Due to our size, each and every one of our customers receive a unique and personal service. We take the time to make sure you get the results you need by creating something with you, not just for you.



Like all good stories we should start at the beginning. Founders Emma and Craig met whilst studying Film at college back in 2008. They bonded over their passion for storytelling and decided that they wanted to create a video production company that did just that. In 2013 Broken Physics Productions was born out of that desire.


We may be a young company but we’ve come a long way since our foundation. We’ve invested in outstanding equipment, worked in all kinds of industries and been recognised nationally for our achievements. We're now developing a web of creative and passionate people around us to provide our customers with the best possible service.


Video production is constantly changing and as such so are we. We're always exploring new avenues and new ways of doing things so our customers can get the results they deserve. We've progressed a lot, but we're not happy to stand still. We want to grow and develop in order to give our customers an even better service.


We’re an experienced crew of video producers with one goal: to produce the best possible video for our customers. We have a wealth of experience in house and a network of creative and passionate video professionals to give you the best range of services possible.


Broken Physics Productions

Craig McDougall

Broken Physics Productions

Emma Lieghio