So we’ve just polished off our latest project; an acoustic session with Tom Mann (Stereo Kicks) performing ‘Stand By.’ Here’s a link to the video:


In our line of work it’s not often that we get the opportunity to scout a location, set up the room and light it properly before filming so this was a very enjoyable experience for us. We found that with that little extra time towards pre-production we were able to get the lighting exactly how we wanted it and also have enough time to spare to be able to appropriately mic up and sound test the musician before filming. It made the filming experience a smooth and pleasant one and the editing process one of our best yet, with very little, if any, needing to be done to actually fix any off shots that would usually be a little dark or off-coloured.

Usually we’re asked to take a line out from a sound desk at a live show so it was also a great learning curve to record our own sound and actually see what our Tascam DR-40 is capable of. Although we’ve always firmly promoted the Tascam as an essential and nice piece of kit, this project really put that to the test and affirmed how much we enjoy using it and how great value for money it actually is. For this project we used the 4 channel mode – 2 channels came from the Tascam’s internal mic’s to help capture the noise of the room and add a little depth to our sound, the 3rd was a line straight into the guitar and 4th was an XLR feed into our shotgun mic for the vocals. Although it produces two stereo pairs we found that we had a lot of room in post to create a really great sound.

Another piece of kit that got it’s moment in the spotlight was our new CineMover Slider from Although we had done preliminary tests with this piece and found it to be smooth and easy to set up, this was the first time we got to use it on a professional set. Firstly, it was really easy to set up. We used a 2×4 on top of two tripods to run the slider along so there was nothing particularly technical. In this case it was really great for us because we were pushed for time and being able to use something like a piece of would meant we needed less to time to set up and more time to work. Besides that the actual sliding that the CineMover produced was very impressive. It was smooth and very easy to control (as you might be able to tell in the video above) and was very user friendly, even for a first time user. It’s always a risk taking a new piece of equipment on a shoot but this one really paid off.

On a side note, it was a pleasure working with Tom Mann and Ridney who were both very professional and easy to work with. They were both punctual and happy to do anything that we asked of them in order to make the video as good as it could be and the shoot wouldn’t have gone as smoothly if they hadn’t. For anyone reading this head over to the following links to download the original track!


Overall we were very happy with the final outcome of the video and happy that it was well received by the clients (which is always a positive). We really enjoyed making this and hope to get involved with more acoustic sessions in the future.