Hello and welcome to another of our Video Marketing tips! As you may remember, we’ve started a series of videos that cover specific video types in more detail. If you haven’t seen these you can always head to our YouTube channel and take a look at them. We’ve covered promotional videos and now it’s time to cover testimonial videos (which I like to think of as the unsung heroes of video marketing). Most people are quick to scramble for Google+ reviews, Facebook reviews and website testimonials but for some reason overlook video as a way of conveying this information.

What Are Testimonial Videos?

In order to create testimonial videos all you need to do is find one or multiple customers who you know ware going to give you a good review and simply record them giving their opinion. This could either be either discussed beforehand and scripted or you could have your video producer treat it like an interview and ask pre-agreed questions. Personally, I’m in favour of treating these videos like interviews because they give you a bit more of a natural feel and seem less forced.

Sounds easy right? That’s because it is, but what benefits do these videos actually give you in relation to your video marketing strategy? The first major benefit is that they’re really great for building trust between you and potential customers. Trust is a really important thing and can often be the final decider on whether someone decides to buy from you or not and so it’s really important to start building it as much as possible. In theory, anyone could grab a photo from the internet, write a good review and put it up on their site but video is seen as being much more credible. Most people don’t tend to think that you’ll have gone to the effort to create videos just to get a good testimonial. As such, they’re more likely to trust the information that you give them and you as a business.

On top of building trust these videos are great for your strategy because of how versatile they are. Once you’ve shot your testimonial videos you can really do a lot with them and release them in lots of different ways. you could either create a compilation video, individual testimonial videos or you could go a bit further and create case study videos. These are videos where you focus in on one person, ask more in depth questions and then accompany this with something like a blog post to give more information. In terms of versatility they can also be hosted in lots of different places, be that on your website, your social media channels or on a YouTube page.

I know that these videos probably don’t seem like a necessity and if you’re working on a budget (which we all are) then they might not be at the forefront of your mind but don’t write them off. At some point these videos should be part of your video marketing strategy and they’re becoming recognised as a really effective way of marketing yourself with video.

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