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The video process can be a complex one. 
Below is a detailed breakdown of how we work when creating your video.

Our Process


We like to start every project with a consultation to find out more about your company and to discuss what you're looking to achieve with video. This means we can ensure you're making the right video for you. We'll make a note of your ideas, inspirations and objectives to produce a bespoke proposal just for you.


Once we know what you're looking for we'll sit down and produce a unique proposal specifically for your project. This is a detailed document that includes our understanding of the project, our vision of how the project might look, any suggestions we might have in regards to production and a unique quote for the project.


Once you confirm that you would like to work with us we'll beginning planning your project. This will include sitting down with you and discussing your timescales, booking film dates and organising a schedule for the shoot. If you have also asked for scripting and storyboarding this is when we'll produce these.


In the filming stage we will take all of the work from the proposal and pre-production stages and begin to make your vision a reality. It’s the part of the process where our experienced crew will put our highly specialised lighting, 4K cameras and camera movement equipment to use and start to create your vision.


Editing is done in multiple stages, the first of which will be creating the first draft for your video. Once we've completed the first draft of your video, we will send it to you for you to review and feedback any changes you may wish to have made before we create the final version of your video.

Final Delivery

Once all of your changes have been completed we will have your video with you as quickly as possible. There are a number of ways to do this including a digital download or a USB stick depending on your preference. If requested we can also upload the video directly to your YouTube and other online channels.

Video Marketing

Our partnership doesn't end at the final delivery. Once we've delivered the final video to you we provide a full aftercare service depending on your requirements. This may be working out a social media plan, creating and developing a channel for your videos or helping you to embed your video onto your website.