What is Periscope?

Whether you’re a social media guru or a complete technophobe, it’s pretty much a dead cert that you know about Twitter. That little blue bird has become synonymous with modern day life and whether you’re a user or not, you have to wonder at just how powerful it has become. From tracing celebrity fashion trends to reporting world news, Twitter has found it’s way into practically every part of our lives. Whilst you’re likely to be aware of Twitter, if you do happen to be a technophobe then you’re less likely to know about their latest project; Periscope. Twitter purchased the app in March for a reported sum of $100,000,000 and it seems that they aim to make video a major part of our social media experience. With 2 million users and counting it looks as if they might get exactly what they want.

“$100,000,000, sounds expensive, what is it?” I hear you ask, well that’s a great question and one that I plan on explaining to you. Essentially, Periscope is an app for iOS and Android that allows you to send to out a live broadcast and so far it’s been used for the mundane as well as some pretty special events like a Hillary Clinton rally. It allows you to show things in real time and lets you review your videos for 24 hours after the fact. On the surface this seems pretty lacklustre, in fact in sounds like countless other services like Chatroulette, so what actually makes it different? Well for starters the hope is that it won’t be full of naked people, but other than that it’s defining feature is the special link between Periscope and your Twitter account.

Whilst you can just broadcast your day-to-day into the great void, you can also share the feed directly to your Twitter account. That means that rather than getting watched by a few people that aren’t really that interested, you can directly tap into a market that are already interested in what it is that you’re doing. Video is so powerful, but only so long as it has an audience. What Periscope does is allow you to broadcast what you’re doing to people that want to watch it. The other great thing that periscope can do for you on twitter is post notifications to your followers every time you start broadcasting, so you’re even more likely to pick yourself up an audience. And it’s not a passive audience either, these people have the opportunity actually engage with your broadcast. This way you have even more engaged audience and that really isn’t something to be sniffed at. People try very hard to get people watch their content and here you have it in the palm of your hand.

The potential for something like this is pretty great because it allows you to post a whole host of dynamic content to an important social media resource. People want to see that you’re doing something and doing that in a live, real time fashion like periscope is very interesting. If you happen to have a particularly special event like a fantastic guest speaker then you could always broadcast that and utilise it as a source of promotion. Of course I must add here that if a situation like that arises then you absolutely must get the necessary permission to do so. You could also use it to directly show customers what you’re doing. From my experience customers love to get an insight into what you’re doing. Chances are you’re providing them with a service and so they’re entitled to take a look at what they’re getting into when they hire you. From a slightly less clinical perspective, people are curious and that includes your clients. People might just want to know what you do when you work and so why not show them?

Periscope is not the only app of its kind, but think about it, this app is backed by the people that created Twitter! These people know how social media works and they know how to create something incredibly powerful. Now, with that in mind, think about all of the places that this app could go. It could change how we publish videos entirely, it can be used for everything from family reunions to globally anticipated conferences and that is very exciting and there’s very little risk involved for you. It may go nowhere, but all that you’ve wasted is a little bit of time and even then you could argue that you’ve built up an audience in the process.

If you want to find out even more about Periscope – head over to their website: www.periscope.tv

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