Video Marketing Success in 2016

24 January, 2016By EmmaMarketing

The Importance of Video Marketing Making sure that you have a good-looking video is of course very important but there’s far more to a successful video than just looks. Making sure that you have a good strategy behind your video is just as important as the quality of your video. A good strategy is going … Read More

Is video viable for your business?

24 August, 2015By EmmaMarketing

There are a million and one statistics that sing video’s praises, but is it really viable for your business? My answer to this question is always “yes, video is completely viable.” This post will attempt to your mind at rest and show that video really is viable for your business. “It’s too stressful to have … Read More

Video ideas for your business

24 July, 2015By CraigMarketing

Video ideas for your business By now you’re probably sick of hearing it from me but video is the best way for you to market yourself. I won’t go into the long list of reasons here, but believe me when I say that people engage with video far more than they do with any other … Read More