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Frequently asked questions

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How much does it cost?

The cost of a video will vary depending on the video you are looking to make. There are various stages of the video production process that can have an impact on the price including how many days of filming that are required, the complexity of the edit and whether the video needs a professional voiceover, actors, presenters and/or animation. For more information check out our video production rates.

How long does it take?

Similarly to price, the amount of time it will take to produce your video can depend on the requirements of the video. We will always sit down with you in our initial consultation to discuss your deadline and timescales for the project. We always aim to have a first draft of your video to you within 10 working days of filming, but anything as quick as 48 hours is possible if agreed in advance.

Do you offer services other than live-action video?

Yes, alongside our live-action video production services, we also offer photography, animation and aerial filming & photography.

Are your services available outside of Hampshire, UK?

Yes, our services are available anywhere in the United Kingdom. Travel expenses may be incurred for projects that are outside of Hampshire but this will be discussed on a project by project basis.

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