How to successfully work with a video production company in 2019

Over the last five years of working in video production we’ve been fortunate to work with some great clients and to form a number of meaningful and long lasting working relationships. During that time, we’ve learned a number of important lessons on how to form and maintain strong working relationships and just how important they are to video projects running smoothly. In this blog we’ll cover the things that we think make for successful videos and a strong working relationship between client and video production company, not just in 2019 but for all your future productions.

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1. Always be willing to communicate and listen.

The key to any good partnership or working relationship is communication, and working with your video production company is no different. If your video is going to be successful then making sure that you’re communicating properly and that everyone is on the same page is going to be essential. With this in mind, when working with your chosen company, make sure that you are clear about what you want to produce, the work you’ve seen that you like, what your hopes are for the video and what you expect. At all times, everyone involved in your production should know their responsibilities and you should all be working towards one common goal. Be willing to speak your mind and be clear about what you want so that this can be achieved.

The flip side of this is that you need to be willing to listen as well as talk. No good will come from talking and directing without being able to take on feedback and ideas from outside sources, including your video production partner. No doubt you’ve chosen to work with a particular production company for a reason, so make sure that when dealing with them you’re open to their ideas and listen to their views on what can be achieved and how they feel they can progress the project. If you don’t listen and acknowledge these comments and suggestions then it’s unlikely that you’ll be working harmoniously with your video company, and it may damage the output of the project.

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2. Ask, don’t tell.

Yes, it’s good to be clear about what you’re looking to create and your intentions for the video, but when communicating this to your video production company don’t present it as a list of demands to be met. Obviously you, as the client, will have an idea of what you want to produce, and possibly how you want to do it, but our recommendation is to not just tell your videographer what you want, but to ask them if it is possible. This is a good way to open dialogue and sets the tone for a relationship. It also leads to a collaborative approach which we feel positively impacts all projects.

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3. Be constructive with your feedback.

It’s very rare that the first draft is absolutely perfect. It’s an accepted part of producing video content and usually isn’t anybody's fault (especially if all parties are listening and communicating in the first place.) So when it comes to feeding back to your video company, please consider that they are people with thoughts and feelings, rather than just as an entity. No doubt your video producer is expecting feedback and will be more than happy to correct things and tweak things if the feedback is presented cordially. Nobody likes feeling like they’re being told off, and really, the feedback process isn’t about telling your video producer off, it’s about collaboratively reaching the right outcome for the project.

A side note from this is that if you feel positive and have good things to say then make sure you pass that on. Those emails always stick out in a videographers mind and can go a long way in making a working relationship even stronger. Trust us when we say that's we always really appreciate those comments and emails!

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4. Think carefully before you pick your video production company.

The above tips are all well and good, but the most important tip we can give you for a good relationship with a video producer is to make sure that you pick the right one for you and your needs. A production company may be the best in the world at what they do, but if their company ethos, attitude and style of working doesn’t match yours then there’s always going to be the potential for some friction and potentially ruined projects. Unless you’re incredibly pressed for time (which often isn’t a great way to begin a project or relationship) then we would always suggest that you browse company websites, look at past projects, look at client feedback and ask questions. I’m sure that 99% of productions companies will be willing to answer your questions (we always are) so make the most of that, ask questions and see if you think you and your video company have some common ground and can work together.

In our experience, even these small gestures will make for a smooth working relationship and one that will help you in creating successful videos. As long as you start the relationship with good intentions and mutual respect then your productions should go off without a hitch, but if you’re looking to form long term relationships then you can’t go wrong with these tips.