It’s always risky buying a new camera especially with events like NAB, where new gear is shown off and pre-orders taken, happening every year. We decided that we would take the plunge and buy a PXW-FS7 knowing full well that Canon were due to release their new c300 mkii and that NAB wasn’t that far. The important question is, do we regret it? Should we have waited for the new c300?

In short; no, we’re glad we didn’t wait. When the announcement of the mkii was made I was worried. I was worried that Canon would release a mammoth camera at a really competitive price and what we got was the c300 mkii. Below are just some of the reasons that we’re certainly not regretting our purchase.
1.    The FS7 is a really great camera.

I’m yet to post my full review but to cut a long story short I absolutely love the camera. It’s easily the best camera I’ve ever used and it’s completely changed the way that I work. Having come from a DSLR I’m blown away by the amount of choice that I’m being given, and the features are perfectly suited to what I do.

Whilst the mkii’s features are great, they’re still, in my opinion, not as good as what I’m getting and those features come at a price.

2.    The price

The c300 comes in at £13,522.80 on That’s right, no competitive pricing, just your typical over the top Canon price tag. When you think about what your actually getting, you’d be hard pressed to make an argument that favours the c300 over the FS7, especially at that price point.

Canon changed the way we do things with their DSLR’s but does that mean that they get to over charge and under deliver? For me it goes hand in hand with Canon’s attitude towards it’s customers.

3.    Canon as a company

For me, Canon themselves are another reason why I’m glad that I decided to take the plunge. I know that in the eyes of any company the size of Canon that I’m just a number, but do they have to make it so obvious?

I feel that as a customer I get very little from Canon, especially when I have to shell out a lot for their products.

4.    Sony as a company

The reverse side of my complaints about Canon is that I’m actually really happy to now be a Sony user. I feel like their actually making progress with things and that when they bring out a camera there’s something special about it. Look at their most recent big releases; the FS7 and the A7S, both great cameras with something new and interesting to offer. I definitely see them as a forward thinking company and that’s something that I want to be a part of.

So there you have it, just a few of the reasons why I’m still not unhappy about making the jump to Sony and purchasing the FS7.