There are a million and one statistics that sing video’s praises, but is it really viable for your business? My answer to this question is always “yes, video is completely viable.” This post will attempt to your mind at rest and show that video really is viable for your business.

“It’s too stressful to have a video made.”

Realistically you shouldn’t be worried about the video that is being produced for your business. A production company should be there from the beginning so that they can carry out good pre-production as well as shooting and editing the piece. What you get when you hire a professional is the knowledge and tools to carry out a video project.

Videos are stressful to produce but that’s part of a video producer’s job. I always believe that this stress should never be passed onto you, the customer and that the process should be an easy one.

“Video is too expensive”

In my experience this is the top reason for businesses not adopting video and it’s a completely understandable concern. There aren’t many businesses that are willing to throw money around left, right and centre and to a small business it may seem like having a video made might be a waste of money. There’s also an expectation that video production rates are sky-high and unrealistic for anyone but the largest companies. In reality this just isn’t the case.

More often than not there won’t be an exact figure for your video. My experience of being a videographer is that you have to be prepared to be a little bit flexible. It’s less a case of how much money do I want to charge and more a case of what I can do for you for your budget. Your initial idea might not be achievable with your budget, but don’t write off video as a whole. There are always ways to adapt and change things to suit your needs.

“I don’t think my business will benefit from a video.”

I always struggle to answer this one because I can personally see nothing but benefits for any business when it comes to video. Even huge brands and businesses are putting video at the forefront of their marketing and that should really say something to you; video works.

When I’m talking to customer I always explain that video does three things far better than any other kind of media. The first thing is that it is very good at generating initial interest. Photos can grab peoples attention but they can’t come close to a strong combination of sound and images. Secondly, once video has grabbed someone’s attention it has the ability to retain that viewer. Statistics show that people are more likely to reach the end of a video over a piece of text. Finally, when it comes to video you can deliver a lot of information in a short time and it’s far easier for people to decipher that information.

When you think about those three key qualities, you can see just how powerful video can be. That being the case, it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to see how your business could benefit from using a video.

“I don’t have time to produce a video”

It can’t be denied, good videos take time to produce. That being said, the reason that you’re hiring a video production company is because you don’t want to produce a video yourself and so those time constraints aren’t passed onto you. The longest parts of the production process tend to be the shooting and editing, and you don’t have to be involved in these. If a solid plan has been laid down in the pre-production stage then a video producer can work towards this and then get in contact once a first draft has been completed. That’s not to say that there will be no further communication, you’ll still be in the loop, it just means that whilst the shooting and editing are taking place you’ll be free to work on other things.

The other answer that I offer up when this is mentioned is that despite an initial time investment, there will be massive time savings in the future. When you compare the two you actually end up gaining a lot of time by producing a video.

These are the main concerns that I typically run into but your concerns might be different. If you’re thinking about video but need some advice please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re more than happy to help. You can also sign up to our mailing list and get advice like this directly to your mailbox.