NAB 2015 has come to an end, and if you’ve been watching as closely as I have you’ll know that a lot of exciting announcements have been flying about. Below is the first part of our NAB roundup, enjoy!

1. F&V Z720 ring light

I’ve been in the market for a ring light for a while now but haven’t found one that really took my fancy. I currently have a set of the F&V 1X1 panels that I’m really happy with so when I saw that they were releasing a ring light I was intrigued. The things that I like about this particular light is not only does it have a really high CRI, it also seems to be really easy to control. Not only is there an app that you can connect to the light, but there also seems to be a fair few additions like soft boxes – all in all very cool.

To find out more take a look at what F&V had to say about them:

2. Sony Catalyst Edit

I’m already using Catalyst Browse so when I head that Sony were bringing out their own editing software I was pretty intrigued. What I like about Catalyst Edit is that it’s a small program that is designed for a very specific purpose. I really love using Premiere but for some projects the features aren’t always necessary. With Catalyst I could prepare and edit my footage quickly, something that could be a real benefit. I think with this particular product I’m not excited as such, but I am curious to see how it will all work.

Take a look at what Sony had to say about it:

3. Frame IO

Frame IO seems to be an interesting platform for sharing projects between contributors and clients. We currently use a lot of different ways to show work to people, but a more streamlined way of doing things would definitely appeal to us. What I like about this is that it seems to be effective and affordable. For unlimited projects it costs $25 per month, which seems pretty decent to me. You can get a free account, which entitles you to one free project. I’m going to sign up for a free account and see how I feel about it but from their brief alone it seems like a good way of doing things.

Click below to find out a bit more:

4. Shape FS7 Rig

This is a piece of gear that I’m particularly excited about. As you might have guessed from my previous posts I am in love with the PXW-FS7, but I do have a few issues with it. Whilst I love its performance and it’s software features, there are some physical aspects that I’m just not a fan of. From what I can tell, this Shape Rig goes a long way in correcting these. What I like about this rig is that it corrects the flimsy and impractical handle that Sony gave us. The twisting button is way better than the set of screws that comes with the original handle and all in all it looks much sturdier. It also has a really healthy, sizable shoulder pad to correct for the rather slender and uncomfortable one that comes as standard. This is definitely a piece that’s on my wish list!

Check out the Shape website to find out a bit more. Here’s the direct link to the FS7 page:

5. Lowel’s LED Power Pro Lights

As a recent convert, I am now all about LED lights. They’re fantastic to use and they’ve completely changed the way I work; that’s why I’m really excited about these Lowel lights. I have a set of F&V 1X1 panels, which are really great, but they’re a little large for some of the jobs that I do. What I really like about these Lowel lights is that they seem rugged but they’re also really portable. From what I can gather, these lights are really targeted at run and gun shooters and although I wouldn’t ditch my current set, these might make a handy addition. They come in both daylight and tungsten models and have the ability to spot and flood, something that my led panels can’t do.

The biggest selling point is this; they are so cheap. These are going for $625 each! For that price you could easily make up a set and still have money left to buy the accessories that go with them. These lights are particularly exciting and are pretty high up on my to buy list (which seems to be getting longer all the time!)

Here’s the site for the lights:

So there you have it, 5 of my favourite things from NAB 2015. Part 2 of this should be coming really soon, so keep your eyes peeled! I’m always keen to hear what you guys are thinking, so if you’ve got a favourite NAB announcement then feel free to post in the comments below!