The University of Winchester

If you’ve been following our Twitter or Instagram then you will probably know that we’ve recently been working with the University of Winchester. If not then let me fill you in! We were approached way back in 2014 to produce a header video for a new YouTube channel for the Department of Sport and Exercise. After several discussions about content and example videos a concept was agreed upon and we could get started. We had to wait for the new term to begin and we had to find exactly the right person to be our focus but having done that we quickly began shooting. The project was a dream to shoot and edit and now here we are with the completed video.

We took inspiration from several sports commercials and documentaries and we were really trying to create something with cinematic flare. We weren’t looking to make your typical university promo video and we were very lucky that the department were willing to trust us. It’s always a great sign when a client can see your vision and is willing to work with you to achieve a product that suits us both perfectly. No limits were imposed on us we really feel that this shines through in the piece and that’s something that we couldn’t be happier about.

Here’s the final piece:

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