Video ideas for your business

By now you’re probably sick of hearing it from me but video is the best way for you to market yourself. I won’t go into the long list of reasons here, but believe me when I say that people engage with video far more than they do with any other medium and you can gain a lot by using it in your marketing plan. I know how it can be though, you’re busy, so you don’t want to have to take time out and sit down and think about video ideas. Fear not! We’ve got a few ideas for you to kick start your video marketing.

FAQ Videos

No doubt you have questions about your business that pop up over and over again so why not make answering these easier for yourself? If you’re having to answer the same question on a regular basis then you’re diverting your attention from other important things and your business may be suffering as a result. With a video you could compile all of these questions and give them to your potential customers in a visually interesting way. The upside of video FAQ’s over a written page is that you’re more likely to engage your audience and they have a much more personal feel.

Staff Profiles

People like to see that there are great staff that make up your business and profile videos are a fantastic way to do just that. It’s ok to have a profile picture with some text but if you really want to stand out and promote the friendly and professional nature of your staff then video is the way to go. Yourself and your staff should talk about your jobs as well as any interesting information about yourself such as talents and hobbies. With these videos you really want to go beyond a job title and learn something about the people behind the business so don’t feel like you have to delve too deep into responsibilities and that type of thing. Profile videos help to give your business that extra personal touch which will go a long way with customers.

A Day in the Life

What better way to snag potential customers than to show them just how smoothly your business runs? People are naturally inquisitive, especially when there’s the potential that they might be spending some money. With a video like this you can show people bits of your business that they otherwise wouldn’t get to see and this often has the same positive effects as staff profile videos. The benefit of these videos over staff profile videos is that you can take customers beyond your staff and show off your skills and facilities as well. A video that shows the day-to-day operations of your business can be a really powerful way to inspire confidence and to encourage people to invest in you or business.

Explainer Videos

If you’re a business that provides lots of services or products then these videos are a great way to quickly say something about each of them. Talk about your products or services, define their key features and what makes them unique and tell people how they will gain by buying them. With explainer videos you can do away with huge paragraphs of text and your customers can access important and persuasive information more easily.


So there you have it, 4 different kinds of video and you didn’t even have to think for a second! These are far from being your only options and if you’re curious about the kinds of videos that you could be producing for your business then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out a little bit more.