The Importance of Video Marketing

Making sure that you have a good-looking video is of course very important but there’s far more to a successful video than just looks. Making sure that you have a good strategy behind your video is just as important as the quality of your video. A good strategy is going to be what gets people in, keeps people engaged and makes sure that your audience get the message that you want them to. We want to share some of our top video marketing strategy tips to get you started.

Be Unique

First and foremost in any good video marketing strategy should be finding ways to make your videos unique. Your videos should sum up what you do and what you’re all about rather than focusing on competitors or copying others.

When you’re producing videos make sure that you’re creating videos that have your brand and values in mind. If you’re a shoe shop that specialises in creating hand-made leather shoes and you sell yourself on that fact then should you be creating videos that look like a Nike commercial? Of course not, because that’s not the kind of business that you are! Instead you’re more likely to create something that celebrates your craftsmanship because that’s how you separate yourself from the rest. You want to be creating videos that tell people what they can expect from your business.

Aside from this, thinking about strategy in this way will mean that you’re more likely to be creative in the future. If you strive to be unique on a regular basis then you’ll make sure that you’re in a good habit of being creative and that’s always a good way to be.

Post Regularly

Part of an effective and well-rounded video marketing strategy is how regularly you’re posting and creating video content. If you’re taking the time to include video in your marketing then it’s in your interest to make sure that your posting regularly rather than sporadically.

If you look at the people that are well and truly successful with video you’ll notice that they create videos often. Take a look at companies like Nike and Monster for some inspiration on this. They have really well crafted videos but they also create and post videos regularly to make sure their content is being seen. It’s logical that if you’re posting videos often then you’re far more likely to be getting views on those videos.

Nike and Monster are some big targets so let’s look at some other content creators too. If you look at some of the top vloggers on YouTube you’ll notice that they’re posting videos regularly and to a predictable schedule. We can make a connection between their regular schedule and the number of views that their videos are getting. If people know when they can access content from you they’re much more likely to tune in and watch.

You should be releasing at least some kind of video content regularly, even if it’s something as simple as a vlog, to make sure that you’re making lots of connections with your audience.

Establish a Human Side to Your Business

Video is very good at driving engagement. More people are watching it and people have come to expect you to be producing it. That being said, if all you’re doing is talking about your business and showing off your location then it will be much harder for you to form a connection and build a relationship with your audience. A way to get around this is to work videos into your strategy that establish the human side of your business. People want to know about you, they want to know that they can buy into your values but they often want to know and like the people that they’re buying from. Particularly if you offer a more personal service.

The first way that you might think about building that relatable, human side is to start introducing video content like vlogs, staff profiles and testimonial videos into your strategy. These videos include a person in a clear and direct way which is easy for your viewers to digest and connect with. When you’re producing these videos people are more likely to trust you and become engaged in what you’re saying.

You should be creating different kinds of people-centric videos with different purposes in mind in order to effectively tackle this part of your strategy.

Be Helpful

Video strategy shouldn’t just be about what you can get from your viewers and customers. A good video marketing strategy should build a relationship with your customers and it should be a two way thing. It’s often overlooked but being helpful and useful to your customers should definitely be a part of your strategy.

The first way that you should be thinking about helping your viewers is by helping them to properly understand your business or service. You want to make sure that they have no unanswered questions about what you do and you want to make sure that their experience with you is an easy one. You can do this by using videos like FAQ videos to answer any questions your customers may have in a direct and interesting way.

Being helpful to your viewers should make up a decent part of your video marketing strategy and should go beyond making your business accessible to people. You should also be making videos that are helpful to people outside of your business as well. Think about creating videos that help people for reasons other than simply selling to them. If you can be genuine and helpful, and you can do that consistently, then people are likely to return to your videos time and time again. When you use video marketing in this way people stop seeing you as marketers with an ulterior motive and start seeing you as experts who are looking to help people. This makes you much more relatable and personable.

Make the Most of Social Media

This particular piece of advice is something that you’re probably doing anyway but you’d be surprised at the number of people who don’t link social media with video. I, along with many other video marketers, feel that 2016 will be the year of social video. It’s been bubbling away for a little while now with Facebook and Twitter competing for the best video features but 2016 will be the year that it comes to a head.

 Social networks offer you a lot from a video marketing standpoint but first and foremost they allow you to take advantage of an already existing audience. If someone is following you on a social network then it’s likely that they’re interested in you and they want to hear from you. You should be taking advantage of this and making sure that you’re putting your videos on your social media accounts.

 The other reason that you should be thinking about including social media in your video strategy is for the various campaign features that they give you. When you upload a video on sites like Facebook you’ll get a whole host of options that allow you to find a new audience as well. They’ll allow you to set a budget as well as set parameters for the kind of people that you want to see your video.

 There are lots of reasons to start using your social media accounts but that’s a whole other post for a different time.

 Video strategy is the difference between creating a good looking video and creating a video that looks good but is also successful and does what you intend it to do. Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to planning a great video marketing strategy and getting your videos on the road to success. We love to help people with their video strategy so please do sign up to our mailing list for further information or drop us an email on to see how we can help you!

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